The Veil Master

Shadowcraft School

Clearing and Protection - $195 per person

Level 1 & 2 - For Beginners & Intermediates


  • For ages 11+ (children under 18 years old require written parental consent)
  • This course is available to children aged 11+ because it is vital that young people learn about the dangers of magic, how to protect oneself and how to cleanse oneself before engaging in magickal work.
  • For anyone beginning their journey connecting with parallel realms, or those wanting to sharpen their skills, this course is a MUST.
  • When opening up to magic, you are exposing yourself unknowingly to energies and entities which you may not see or feel. Protection practices MUST be utilised and learning how to cleanse yourself is also important.
  • Learn how to do this for yourself, friends and family.
  • You will learn about a number of methods and tools used by various cultures across the globe including sing bowls, crystals, herbs, music, smudging, amulets, sigils & symbols, anointing oils, chanting, bathing, sun invocation, moon magick, lightwork, planetary influence and invocation of Gods and Goddesses.
  • Touch on practices from cultures such as Ancient Egypt, Medieval Europe, Africa, South and Central America, Australian Indigenous, Native North Americans, China Dynasty, India, Hindu, Muslim and Medieval England.
  • You will get to make your own protection amulet.
  • There will be a small quiz/assessment and practical assessment at the end of the course. Once passed, you will receive an official Certificate of Completion by The Veil Master, which you can display alongside other achievements. 

Herbal Magick - $195 per person

Level 1 - For Beginners & Intermediates


  • For ages 11+ (children under 18 years old require written parental consent)
  • Learn about over 50 herbs for Health, Spells, Protection, Love, Luck, Money and More! Learn about herbs you can source from your very own kitchen, in your garden, and learn about the more exotic and medieval herbs like Mandrake and Dragon's Blood!
  • Learn about what blends well together, and what combinations to avoid.
  • Learn blending basics and how to identify certain herbs.
  • Learn the correct names, including the botanical names, so you don't accidentally confuse herbs with similar names or spelling!
  • You will get the opportunity to create your own herb sachet using herbs to 
  • Each person will receive a small gift pack of 10 herbs to begin your herbal apothecary at home.

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